Spring 1997 - At a party

On the 1st of March, the Bethesda group (a.k.a. George Apostolopoulos, Angelos Kanlis, Tassos Michail, Elias Papatryphon and Mehdi) organized a very successful party (almost unique of its kind!) at their villa in Bethesda! There was a tremendous participation of Greeks, Americans, Greek-Americans, Latin-Americans, etc. while the DJs Tassos, Dimitri and Yianni amazed everybody with their musical selections!

What are they dancing ? Macarena of course! From left to right: Dimitris Kioussis and Alexandros Labrinidis seem to enjoy the dance (with the latter being a real fan of it!), among a lot of Latin-Americans!

Oh man! these guys are born dancers! :-) From left to right: Tasos Papathanasiou, Nikos Kanlis, ???, Alexandros Labrinidis (back) and Dimitris Stamatelos.

Two of the DJs, Yiannis Michalas and Tassos Michail.

From left to right: Peter Kofinas, Dimitris Tsilikis, Dimitris Stamatelos and Alexandros Labrinidis

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