International Christian Concern at UMCP

ICC is a human rights organization.

International Christian Concern is dedicated to serving 200 million suffering believers by providing them assistance, advocating on their behalf, and raising awareness of their plight, especially in the West where the mainstream media neglects to report their suffering.

WE will be working with other Christian groups on campus, hand in hand, so please support us by joining us so that we can represent our brothers and sisters who are suffering throughout the world because they chose to believe and lve as Christians!

Every person that joins us makes the reality of creating "A voice for the Oppressed" a reality! You do not need to be a Christian to join. We will be more on the human rights aspect than the Christian aspect.

Daytime meetings will be Mondays at the Pyon Su Room (except for one meeting which will be in the Jimenz Room in Stamp-See Meetings Tab for more information); Evening meetings will be Thursdays at 6p in the Baltimore Room.

Check us out our Facebook group "International Christian Concern @UMCP"