For Parents:

What is a sorority?

The term "sorority" comes from the Latin word "soror," which means "sister". A sorority is used to describe a group of women that share common goals and values that work towards achieving a common cause. Sororities offer collegiate women the opportunity to join a lifetime network of sisters that are bonded by a desire to help one another academically, personally, and professionally. Although mainstream sororities have become most popular in the media, in the past few decades, cultural sororities have also emerged in order to cater to the needs of their respective communities.

Is sorority life really like what we see in the media?

While the media often creates a negative portrayal of Greek life plagued by underage drinking and hazing, many fraternity and sorority members' endless hours serving their communities or numerous scholastic achievements go unnoticed. Lambda Theta Alpha was created as a means to uplift women in higher education. Promoting underage drinking and hazing does not follow our founders' mission and is not tolerated within the sorority.

Will joining a sorority take up a lot of my daughter's time?

While members have certain sorority responsibilities, school, family, and work are a priority for most sisters. We plan events and meetings far in advance to avoid personal conflicts, but understand that every sister also has other commitments that should not be compromised. Members gain as much from the sorority as they put into the sorority, but most sisters choose to contribute out of their passion for the organization and uplifting the community. However, sisters are highly encouraged to find a balance between juggling sorority responsibilities and other commitments like school, family, and work.

How will joining affect my daughter academically?

Lambda Theta Alpha was incorporated as an academic sorority with the purpose of uplifting women in higher education. We understand that we are attending college in order to get an education rather than to join a sorority. Academic excellence is at the forefront of our objective as a chapter. While prospective members are required to meet a certain grade point average to join the sorority, sisters are also required to maintain academic standards in order to remain active. At the University of Maryland, we have an Academic Chair that works closely with sisters in order to ensure that we each meet our personal academic goals. Additionally, our chapter academic plan requires sisters to report their progress throughout the semester, so that we can assist each other wherever needed. The chapter hosts group study hours in the library several times a week where sisters can focus on academics as well. Sisters are also encouraged to meet with their professors during their office hours in order to establish professional relationships. Both our national and chapter executive boards also offer incentives to reward academic success. Most sisters have seen a great improvement in their academic records after joining the sorority and the university has even recognized many members for their scholastic achievements. Moreover, the national average for non-fraternal members is under 50% while the average of Latinos graduating college is less than 10%. Lambda Theta Alpha is proud to have successfully aided in graduating over 98% of its members.

How will my daughter benefit from joining Lambda Theta Alpha?

Joining a sorority can be a very beneficial experience for women. Lambda Theta Alpha offers the opportunity to:

  • Enjoy a lifetime of Sisterhood
  • Belong to the first Latin Sorority in the nation
  • Gain a family away from home
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Benefit from academic support through study sessions, study buddies, incentive and mentorship programs
  • Ease the transition from high school and community college
  • Give back to the community
  • Have a sense of belonging on campus
  • Be recognized with national awards and scholarships
  • Network with women leaders locally, statewide and across the country
  • Lean on a support system
  • Meet new people
  • Share concerns
  • Incite change
  • Develop leadership
  • Get involved
  • Receive career guidance through LTA_Jobs listserv,
  • UniversalConnections listservs, and resume and interviewing activities
  • Train in professional skills to aid advancement in employment and social arenas
  • Learn organizational skills
  • Learn motivational skills
  • Learn public speaking skills
  • Learn financial management skills
  • Learn team-building skills
  • Learn diplomacy skills
  • Learn marketing skills
  • Learn event planning skills
  • Learn letter-writing skills
  • Learn brainstorming skills
  • Learn problem-solving skills


For Students:

Does the chapter conduct orientation every semester?

No. Although in the past there have been consecutive orientation classes, the chapter does not necessarily conduct orientation every semester. However, orientation will be held when the chapter deems appropriate pending clearance from national headquarters.

Do I have to be Latina to join?

No. One of Lambda Theta Alpha's mottos is, "Latin by tradition, not by definition," as we pride ourselves in catering to the universal woman with our diverse membership.

Can I still join if I am a graduating senior?

Yes. Lambda Theta Alpha is a lifelong sisterhood, which grants women, unable to join the organization as an undergraduate, the opportunity to join through a graduate chapter. Visit to learn more about our graduate chapters.

Is there a minimum grade point average to join?

Yes. The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and Lambda Theta Alpha national headquarters require a minimum 2.5 grade point average and 12 credits. While this is only the bare minimum, it does not guarantee membership. As an academic sorority, education is the foundation of Lambda Theta Alpha and we encourage scholarly success from both sisters and interested ladies.

Is it expensive to join?

Like most Greek organizations, Lambda Theta Alpha has orientation and membership dues that cover programming costs and sorority materials. While as college students, we do recognize that monetary funds may be tight. Our dues are affordable and relatively cheaper than traditional sororities. Sisters and potential members have sufficient notice to prepare for such costs and are able to work out payment plans if necessary.

Does your organization haze?

No. One of Lambda Theta Alpha’s principles is RESPECT. We give prospective members the respect that as strong women we demand as well. Hazing is physical and mental abuse that contradicts our mission to uplift and empower women. We do not condone or tolerate such negative and harmful actions against women.

How long is the orientation process?

Any lady interested in pursuing membership must first attend a social/informational where she will be able to learn more about the orientation process and necessary steps to become a sister.

Do you have a sorority house?

No. Unfortunately, Greek houses at the University of Maryland, College Park are constructed to accommodate larger memberships and require substantial costs that call for higher dues. Many of our sisters, however, choose to live together in dorms or apartments adjacent to campus.

How active are your alumnae?

As a lifetime sisterhood, Lambda Theta Alpha offers alumnae the opportunity to stay involved through various means. Alumnae sisters may choose to join the local alumnae chapter, serve as a chapter advisor or as leaders on a national or area level. Additionally, there are numerous sorority committees opened to alumnae sisters. Visit for more information on opportunities for alumnae sisters.

What makes your organization different from other Latin sororities?

While many Latin sororities share common goals, each have their respective histories, principles, and values. As the first Latina sorority in the nation, Lambda Theta Alpha takes great pride in our founders’ vision to create a support network for Latinas in higher education. While Lambda Theta Alpha’s roots date back to the 1970s where women, especially Latinas, still struggled with the expected traditional role of women, the seventeen founders at Kean College in Union, New Jersey created a revolutionary organization that launched the Latino Greek movement and challenged many stereotypes of its times. Over 30 years later, Lambda Theta Alpha has grown to include over 90 undergraduate chapters, 5 graduate chapters, and 11 alumnae chapters across 20 states and Puerto Rico making it the largest Latina sorority in the nation.

Additionally, Lambda Theta Alpha was the first Latino Greek organization in the DC Metropolitan area and at the University of Maryland, College Park. Our sorority is the only Latina organization recognized by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. As an academic sorority, Lambda Theta Alpha stresses scholarly excellence and takes great pride in our sisters that consecutively make the Dean’s List. Although sisters come from different backgrounds, we all share the common principles of unity, love, and respect and uphold the ideals of being a Lady at all times.

Why should I choose Lambda Theta Alpha?

The decision to join a Greek organization is something that should be thought about thoroughly. You should choose Lambda Theta Alpha because you strongly believe in what we stand for. Our sorority offers a lifetime sisterhood and should be a choice one does not rush into without the proper research. Each Greek organization has their respective histories, principles, and values. If you believe that Lambda Theta Alpha suits your needs, then the choice is yours and we encourage you to take the opportunity to learn more about our organization and how to become a sister.