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Cool Events!
Otakon 2009 - July 17th-18th


Welcome Back! Fall semester 2009 has begun. Good luck with classes!

Our meetings take place every Sunday from 5-8pm in room J on the ground floor of Hornbake Library (down the escalator)


p>9/03/09 - By Ary
Apologies for everyone. Hornbake is closed this Sunday. Meetings begin next Sunday, September 13 in Room J (note: this is different from previous years!) on the ground floor of Hornbake Library, at 5pm.

9/01/09 - By Ary
Meetings begin this Sunday. See above for location and times. Everyone in attendance is welcome to join us afterwards for dinner at China Cafe, which is just a short walk off campus.

6/01/09 - By Ary
We'll be having meetings again starting in the fall semester. Be sure to come and hang out with club members at Otakon!

3/13/09 - By Ary
Just a reminder that we will not be having club meetings over Spring Break, which starts this weekend. Meetings will resume on the 29th.

3/04/09 - By Ary
We're about halfway through the Spring 2009 semester, be sure to have a look at our schedule and drop by to see what else we're showing this semester. The "extreme lack of updates" is hereby ended.

1/23/08 - By Brian
Welcome back to the Spring 2008 semester. Our first meeting will be Sunday 2/3 tentatively where we will be screening anime for the new semester, the next meeting after we will have votes for what we will be showing.

3/2/07 - By Brian
Sorry for the extreme lack of updates. Spring semester started (obviously). We have a lot of good shows on the line up, new and old. Come and check us out this coming Sunday.

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